Sunday, April 17, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

end of foundations at LCF

So i just finished my foundation year at LCF and i really wouldn't recommend it to the majority of people. It definitely takes a certain type of person and i've realized the hard way thats not me. Considering the absence of basic human compassion within my teachers (as well as the fact that they were about as helpful as dinosaurs) i found that the most i learned this year occurred within the student body. yes as corny as it sounds i learned from my peers in fashion image. My only regret is that i didn't spend more time cutting class with all the cool kids who already have their shit together. It sounds obvious now but at the time not so much, fashion image is about creating an image. thats really all it is and if you can create a cutting edge image and some illustrations/photos to go with it you're solid. The kids that did the best in my class never showed up they were too busy skipping class and creating their image. not only was it brilliantly unique work but they were the ones that got into the best colleges. As a generation we've made a profession out of being cool. So why go to school for that? The best way to describe an ideal LCF student is a stylish absorbent sponge. LCF is a fantastic school, its not exactly conceptual or on the cutting edge though, the students are. The style absorbers and trend creators make it what it is. This is when i decided i wanted to apply somewhere other than fashion image. As much as i love fashion, and as much as i love design i can't study it, it just exists. in the past year i've figured out that as much passion as i have for it i can learn more from other things that i am equally as excited by. i'm not sad to not be in fashion directly anymore, in fact i'm a bit relieved. i applied and was accepted at Central St. Martins for graphic design/illustration. the reason i chose this route was to have a more artistically applicable education background as opposed to one focusing in fashion. if i want i can still apply for a career within fashion while still having the flexibility to work in pretty much any area of graphics and advertising. so thats that.