Thursday, August 20, 2009

CSM kiddies

As a rising senior I am starting my official college application process, terrifying. My top choice of course is the wonderful, beautiful, shining beacon of young designers, the one and only central st. martins. And as I have been on their website every day trying to find the best way of getting in I can’t help but be in awe of the current student body. One of my favorites was a menswear collection by Matthew Grant. At first glance I was in love with his choice of a muted color pallet, subtle use of line and simple elegant shapes. Upon reading an interview with him at I learned his collection has both a story and a meaning (melt my heart). The collection, according to Matthew, is based off of the idea of childhood and how a child would perceive an adults clothing. “I asked children to draw garments from memory. After analyzing their pictures and observing their ‘mistakes’, this lead to the concept of fusing over, where the details of the garments such as collars, buttons, darts and seams lay beneath the surface of the cloth rather than on top.” I looked at the collection again after reading the article and ever piece became just that much more amazing. In my personal opinion (and if you know me I’ve told you before) it should take 10 minutes to realize a person is well dressed. Matthew is just that person. for the full article

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