Saturday, August 1, 2009

hello. this is me.

My name is Rachel de la Torre (of the tower). I design and sew clothing although I’m currently in school studying to become a designer. I believe the only absolute truth and consistency in life is change, I try to design accordingly. My objective as a designer is to create art that will allow for change. My design aesthetic in turn pushes against the laws of nature and aspires to create a constant subliminal elegance and style. I say subliminal because it should take 10 minutes to notice a person is well dressed. The style in my designs is in no way hip or trendy; my ultimate goal is to create a quiet beauty that will live forever.

That was basically my abbreviated artist statement if you were wondering why it sounded so formal.

Last summer I went to Chicago art institute and just yesterday I got back from the Pratt summer program where I learned about the design process and industry to see if I really want to stick with it. I’ve decided I love fashion more than my daily heroine and that is why I started this blog. I need to keep all my ideas and notes in some place, where better than the public eye.

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